Members' FUN & FIT
     As a member of GYMDanny®, you can enjoy:

  • GYMDANNY FESTIVAL  ( free entry and it is FUN!)

The highlight of the program is the GYMDanny Festival FOR ALL. It is open for all current students with sponsored by GYMDanny.  Students and parents will enjoy the day with FUN, Challenge, and learning opportunity. It is professionally organized and everyone will shine in their own way and take home with incredible memories and medals.

  • Celebration Day (For all levels)

We will hold seasonal celebration in class. Gymnasts will enjoy the day with fun and laughter and GYMDanny's gifts.

  • Gymnastics Photo-taking (For all levels)

In the gymnastics photo-taking, gymnasts have the chance to take memorable pictures

  • Overseas Meet & Training Camp (For Level 3 & above)

We organize overseas meet and training camp for senior members where they have the opportunity to experience different training system.  

  • Parent viewing day 

Parent viewing day may be arranged once per term. Notification will be shared with parent in advnace.  



You can also enjoy the following privileges and benefits:

R  Free GYMDanny T-shirt as welcome gift;

R  Free enrolment for selected functions, Christmas celebration, annual GYMDanny Festival;

R  Priority registration on camps and special overseas events;

R  “Gymnasts of the month” award, “Best Improver” award and “Best Listener” award is presented to outstanding gymnasts in each month;

R  Special awards: - “ GYMDanny Team Player Award”, “ GYMDanny Academy Award” and “GYMDanny Sportsmanship Award” are presented to gymnasts who displays outstanding accomplishments by the end of the academic year;


R  Official “GYMDanny Physical and Flexibility Report Card” can be issued to members at the end the academic year upon request;

R  Official “GYMDanny  Accomplishment Certification” will be distributed at the end of each GYMDanny academic year to officially recognize their achievement;

R  Official reference letters will be arranged to those members who need further training overseas upon requested.  

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