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Important Information For All Participants


 Important Information for All Participants



1.      Registration

Full payment of tuition fee and completed registration form should be submitted at the time of registration. Class placement is on first-come first-served basis but priority will be given to school(center) students if applications are received at the same time.


2.      Tuition Due Date

The season is divided into several Instructional Terms according to specific school schedule.  Mostly, term 1 covers from September till January while term 2 covers from February to early June. Tuition is calculated at a discounted rate and is charged by term.    Payment should be settled by cheque.  Students are required to pay all the tuition fees before application accepted.  Additional financial charge will be assessed for outstanding amount and handling fee HKD100. will be applied for any returned cheque per case. 

Extra programs such as Christmas, Easter and Summer Camps will be provided at extra cost.  All tuition fees are non-refundable.  No make-up classes will be arranged. 


3.      Special Offers

All registered gymnasts will receive a GYMDanny T-shirt as a welcome gift.  Complimentary offer includes registration in our annual Gymnastics Festival, Christmas Celebration and Year-end Celebration. 

Exclusive discount of China Training Camps will be offered for current members only. 


4.      Location of the Classes

Please refer to the respective class location in Hong Kong SAR.


5.      Training Class

Our curriculum is progressive on the continuum from FUN GYM to Sports PLUS programs.  Training class of a student may be adjusted to accommodate the development.  Such changes will usually be made at the beginning of an instructional term. Please keep in mind that our program is Educational Sports for all  program; and  if student want to move to more advance level’s program in HKSAR, mainland China or overseas, you are welcome to contact our GYMDanny-HK office to obtain a reference letter and referal information. 


6.      Absence in Class

We understand students have different commitments and may be absent from training.  No make-up class or refund will be arranged for absence due to personal reasons. 


7.      Withdrawal and Refund

All fees are non-refundable once students are accepted into the class.


8.      Cancellation

GD SPORTS LIMITED/GYMDanny must be notified by email ( of all cancellations. 


9.      Typhoon & Rainstorm

When the Red/Black Rainstorm Warning or Typhoon Signal No. 8 is raised and continues to be issued at 11am before the class starts, or when the Education Department has announced the cancellation of afternoon school classes or the School Administration has announced to stop the after-school activities, or for emergency situations beyond our control such as natural disaster, SARS, bird flu, current influenza, earthquake and hai chao, classes will be cancelled with no refund

Under normal circumstances we follow the Government recommendations and we will not contact parents directlyN
o replacement classes or refund will be arranged.



10.    Security Measures

To ensure the safety of all users of the school facilities, the School Administration requires everyone entering the school to present a valid identification.  Full compliance is required for all persons and your co-operation is sought.



11.    Traffic arrangement at School

There is no parking space at the school.  



12.    Health Issues

Our coaches and staff will make every possible effort to ensure a safe and clean environment for all participants.  Parents are also required to take necessary precautionary steps as may be suggested by the School from time to time for hygiene measures.



13.    Training Rules and Misconduct Policy

Discipline is extremely important in athletic activities, particularly in the sport of gymnastics, and we, as professional coaches, need to ensure a safe and orderly environment for training. Both Parent and students please read and understand the Training Rules and Misconduct Policy before joining program.


a.     Training Rules

-       Students should stay with the coaches during the class and NO SUPERVISION will be provided before or after the class time, please do not leave your child(ren) unattended in the school at any time.

-        Students should follow the instruction from Coaches during the class and they can go to apparatus with the permission and supervision from the Coaches only.

-        Students can only attempt or perform skills that have be taught or instructed by Coaches during the class.

-        Students should respect all coaches and follow instructions given, as Coaches would do their best to help  each individual to improve. There are rationales behind instructions given, be patient to communicate with coaches.

-        If a training-related issue becomes a major concern, it should be resolved with his/her coach in a Cooperative Manner with  mutual respect.


b.     Misconduct Policy

Violation of the Training Rules not only causes disruption to class, but also endangers the well being of the students. All Misconduct will be handled according to the following “Student Discipline Procedures” of schools.  The violation may result in gymnast to be removed from the program.

-      Coach will clarify what behavior is deemed undesirable with gymnast and guide gymnast to make modifications ;

-       Gymnasts will take a 5 minute time out from activities if gymnast continues to exhibit undesirable behavior;

-      Gymnasts will take a 10 minute time out from activities if gymnast still continues to exhibit undesirable behavior.  The situation will be reported to the School Activities Coordinator;

-       Parents will be informed for the situation and discuss appropriate action. 



1.      Terms & Conditions are subject to change.


2.    We reserve the rights to cancel the class if the minimum number of students in each class is not met.


3.       NO SUPERVISION will be provided before or after the class time, please do not leave your child(ren) unattended in the School at any time.


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